Sunday, February 08, 2009

a Bb Pilipinas Hopeful: Sandra Seifert

I am not one to keep up with pageants anywhere, whether local or abroad. And the ones I've truly enjoyed were the MG's I've gone to in support of my beloved friend Tor, in both cases it was actually to see him pass on his crown. I haven't, even if I wanted to, see him in actual competition. Another pageant I went to support a friend was the Mr & Miss TC when Qia represented CAFA, and we were all disappointed when they snubbed her. The major pageant I've been to was when I was a dresser for one of the candidates because, bestfriend Andre was their casual wear designer. I don't know whether it was the idea of women being exploited or that for the longest time no one was really worth rooting for. I'd simply lose interest half way.

But now it's different. though I've no comparison other than my own exposure to the whole Binibing Pilipinas to say that this year will indeed be different, for me at least. I will not only be following it, I will plunge myself headstrong into this hullabaloo. With the sole purpose of advocating my bet for the crown - that, to say the least, is how much I believe in this girl, one of my coolest and great friend, Sandra Seifert. I am not just biased here, but it is indeed with knowing Sandra over the years that I can honestly tell you that this lady is truly a winner already to me. Take my word for it or see for yourself.

And circumstances couldn't have been better. It suddenly seems clear to me that my trip to Manila will not only mean me getting my papers done, but it also gives the best opportunity to help Sandra out - how can I refuse a dear friend, when she asked?

So here I am a quasi-publicist; my cameras loaded and rolling, my notes for all the blogging and cellphones charged for all the gabbing... Let's get it on!

With that I ask of you to help me out too and whether you have your bets already or not, give Sandra a chance and check out some of the posts that are already in the works where you can follow her through this new adventure:

on Facebook:
Both Sandra and I will be updating that page, I will also be posting updates here in my photoblog (so just bookmark, why dontcha?)


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