Friday, December 13, 2019

Spa Date

Who doesn't love a good pampering? This is one of my indulgence, and I make sure to treat myself to a good facial, a massage, or a foot spa, when I have the time and luxury.

When I was younger I was given the impression that these were a waste of money, and only those who could afford indulged in it. Even then, it was seen as unnecessary, or an extravagance. The snide remarks of only natural ways of properly taking care of oneself were acceptable, and those resorting to treatments were just in denial of what was God-given. Naturally, even if I took an interest in these services, I did so with shame and guilt. 

Fast forward to older me, and I am all like "f*ck that! My money, my time, my body I will do as a I please". So bring it on!

I have since been a patron of the wonders of pampering services. Admittedly I am a cheapskate. I am not there with those who can easily schedule a spa date, and not count money. 

But of course I do my research, and don't just go to any establishments. I read about treatments, and reviews of those well within my budget. It's great to know more and more quality aesthetic clinics that are affordable are popping up. No longer are they an exclusive club, nor are they the sketchy in a dingy office room type (I swear I haven't been to those, and I may be exaggerating - but you hear stories :D).

My recent go to is Beauty and Beyond, Streetscape. Honestly my main reason for trying them out was proximity, and they have affordable rates but quality services. All check on my list. 

Been availing of their services for quite some time now. And each time it gets better! The promos I mean, always worth checking out. I find myself awaiting it every month. The staff are friendly and accommodating too. I have even gotten my squad - my sister and boyfriend actually, to have spa dates with me. I am so lucky to have a partner who not only indulges me with this routine, but joins me in getting beauty services and does so willingly.

Makes a far better endorser than me I'd say :D

This also reminds me, I think we're all due for a visit. 

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thank You Dance Manila

In October, one of the website/blog I have been regularly contributing to has finally announced its end. bids adieu to the community and its readers. Though as they said to their avid followers, it was never about just a website / blog, but about the community that came together and connected through Dance Manila. With the booming dance community in all parts of the country, their purpose has been achieved.

Their post on their FB page:
Long time everyone! As the saying goes "All good thing (must) come to an end." Dance Manila is officially shutting down....
Posted by Dance Manila on Monday, 26 October 2015

Thank you for the opportunity. Writing for Dance Manila helped me reconnect with one of my passion. Helped me come to terms with my doubts and made me meet new friends. Dance has been and will always be a key part in my being.

To all the local dance community, dance crews and friends thanks for entrusting me with the power of giving you a voice. Hope you'd all still have me at your events though, as I'm sorely missing the scene and everyone so much.

This won't mean the end for my writing for the dance community, nope. Though my readership was never as big and as specific as Dance Manila, I will continue to write about dance and the community here in my humble mumble jumble blog. We just found a new home.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Also read in Dance Manila
CEBU CITY- It's been 2 years now since I was part of Dance Fest 2012, where I took my seat amongst colleagues and helped adjudged the final five crews to battle it out in the finale. Now GMA Network Channel 7 Cebu and SM Supermalls are once again looking for the best dance crew in Metro Cebu. Calling out once again for Dance Crews who got what it takes to join the most awaited Dance Fest 2014 at SM City Consolacion.

Auditions will be held tomorrow, July 11 at 4 p.m in SM City Consolacion. Like last year there will now be two categories: Open and School-Based Category.
The Open Category is open to groups with 8 to 10 members, 14 years old and up. The School-Based Category is open to groups with 8 to 10 members, 14 to 24 years old and must come from one school or university in Cebu. Both allows an all-male, all-female or mixed groups.

To those interested to join, they must submit the following on or before July 10, 2014: 
  • Duly-filled up application form (available at the Marketing Department of SM City Consolacion), 
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificates of all the members, 
  • P1,000 single or accumulated receipt from any store in SM City Consolacion between the period of June 1-July 11, 2014, 
  • One  clear colored 5R picture of the group, 
  • Signed Release of Liability form and Waiver for each member.

Application forms, as well as the complete mechanics, are available at the Marketing Department of SM City Consolacion.

For inquiries, call 260-0136/09434388088. (PR)

Also check the following Facebook Pages for updates:
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