Friday, February 13, 2009

Lucky 13: Update, PBA Guesting

(photo credits : - this was taken during the PBA guesting)

The Binibining Pilipinas candidates have made an appearance on the fully-packed Araneta Coliseum, which was the venue for the do or die battle between the Alaska Aces and Talk'n'Text. THE FINAL GAME, to determine the champion for the just concluded season. (Which if you already didn't know went to the Texters)

So I didn't know about this schedule 'til a very very reliable source ;P texts me about it. I immediatley go online and post this announcement for anyone who can see the girls during the game. I look at the time and it's nearly 7pm, time for PBA to telecast the game! Scrambling around to get my equipments and setting them up (read: a very crude way to capture footage from TV), momentarily getting distracted and squeeling like a fan when Ferriols was shown on the screen, I plop myself infront of the tube and wait.

And wait...

Still waiting.

At this point I concluded that the girls will be sashaying down the court during half-time.

AND I WAS RIGHT!!! The boohoo was that while they were being presented to the entire Dome, televiewer's were given an insight to Angelica Panganiban's vote for the championship of the game being interviewed by Dominique Uy. I, on the other hand, was busy trying to make out who's who from the background where you can see the Binibini's as tiny people on the screen. *sigh* oh well.

I later find out from a message posted by Michael that our dear Sandra, won "Smile of the Night" -a regular award given by PBA to any of their lucky live audience. Some say it's nothing since it's not even a corporate or a minor award from the pageant (other's hinting that it could be because Sandra's no newbie to the PBA) BUT an award is an award. This will be a great boost for our girl and it just goes to show, whether minor or not Sandra Seifert, as Michael put it, is in it TO WIN!

Keep it up Sandra!

Because Beauty and Brains never came in a More Perfect Package
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