Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seifuku Done!

Enma Ai's Seifuku Outfit - One of my October projects done and made it's first appearance last Saturday (october 24, 2009) at ARCHON 2009, Ayala Center Cebu!

Had I worked on the costume non-stop I probably would've finished it in 3 days, accessories included. But since I had to break it down around my schedule, I finished the entire ensemble in a little over a week.

The sailor collar was the very first piece I made, because at that time I thought that if I will never get the entire seifuku tailored somewhere, I could just attach it to any of my long sleeved black tops and assemble something to look like a seifuku. When I got so engrossed sewing the thing (by hand mind you) the thought of "What if... I sew the entire seifuku myself". I thought I could pull it off and I love sewing, so why not indeed. (Bapan approves)

I had to recall my high school Home Economics class, use my common sense in dressmaking and construction to come up with patterns and the final cut. Of course, this was not without mistakes and needle punctured fingers!! 

For my skirt, I used one I already had and just adjusted the design by changing the shearings into pleats - hurrah for less work!

I was looking for material for my straw doll when I stumbled upon this in a arts & craft shop, I was sold. It had my name on it (though with an extra F):


AND VOILA! Finished product: (I grabbed this photo from Maik Logarta on FB ^_^) with fellow cosplayers Al and Milezy + Frenchi. I'm Happy ^_^

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