Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cebu Blog Camp 2010

When I first started blogging it was only because I was a regular journal-keeper. I had my first diary at the age of 7. And my dad said he found an unnamed diary among our kiddie stuffs with the word "DAIRY" clearly scrawled on the front - I refuse to say that was mine. I wasn't the only one who kept a diary as a kid I believe.

Keeping journal became an art piece for me as this progressed on to scrapbooking. With photos and trinkets to accompany each entry. So it came naturally I guess when blogging became the new form of journal keepsake.

I've always had an inclination to writing reports and articles and had at one point thought about doing it professionally. But I never really walked the path yet. I kept to writing my personal dailies on my blogs. Incidentally I along with my friend were into maintaining her website and online portfolio. I took it upon myself to write content for her site. Soon enough the people she worked for thought I was in media publishing or a professional blogger. I said I wasn't but was interested and they in turn said I should give it a try. So as fates would have it, apart from my personal blogs (where I rave and rant or post random things sporadically), other blogs I've provided content for is a model turned beauty queen's portfolio site and an environmental group's blog.

So here I am thinking that I should start learning the ropes to blogging properly and gain more insights to the blogsphere here in Cebu. Thus my signing up for the Cebu Blog Camp 2010 happening this weekend on May 22, 2010 starting 8:00AM at the CAP auditorium, Jones Ave, Cebu City. Here's to hoping to meet fellow bloggers and more importantly broaden my horizon on an erstwhile hobby that, at it's beginnings has already taken me places!

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Cebu Blog Camp 2010 is an event organized by a group of Cebu Bloggers.


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