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Cosplay: ToyCon 2010 Aftermath

SO the biggest convention (geek-wise) in the Philippines just happened. Last weekend, June 19-20 2010 SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall's 2 & 3 were filled with con-goes, cosplayers, geeks and collectors from all over the country. Seriously, I've already read about other people coming in for the event from as far as non-Luzon places such as Davao, Bacolod and of course me and my friends from Cebu. The place was so jam-packed that some of the people need not bother going into the convention halls as some of the cosplayers were parked right outside. But the Toys and collectibles inside the conference were also worth seeing and so were the merchandise! Tons and tons of it!

So much was going on that we were getting dizzy just figuring out what was happening. One minute I find my friends and then lose them to their fans or photographers. In the end I spent my time going around with my sisters and just looking at the cool exhibits, merchandises, program on stage (when we could) and look on and take photos of some of the awesome cosplayers.

My Cosplays for this event were of Rogue, my favourite X-Men. On Day 1, I re-used my Rogue - Evolution series cosplay [link]. I decided to use this as a prelude to my Day 2 cosplay; my Uncanny Rogue. The classic Rogue that we (X-Men fanatics) know and love hehehehe. Toycon 2010 would be this cosplay's d├ębut since I was gonna be with The X-Men cosplay group. Another first for me! I was very much happy and honoured that I was asked to be part of this group back in March (2010). I was a bit worried with the costume though as this was the first time I made something like it and it did give me a lot of headache trying to figure it out. It was also the first project I used my new sewing machine on. So I ended up doing a lot of adjustments. But nonetheless I made it to Day 2 of ToyCon, wearing my new Rogue Uncanny version. I must admit I need to improve a lot on this costume and myself as a cosplayer. But the experience to be with fellow X-Men cosplayers was amazing ^_^ (I'll post more photos soon

photo from

Speaking of X-Men, my sister Zee and I went totally gaga over the many comic titles to be found everywhere in ToyCon and so many of them were sold really cheap!! It was just crazy! I wish I had more money to buy more! But alas these were all that we ended up hoarding. In one stall I bought every single Gambit title I could find - I've already read all these before but I just really wanted my own collection... so yeah. The next day as we started browsing again, Zee got a hold of 2 Emma Frosts and snatched it up.
I wanna cry! T_T . It was discounted! And dammit I don't know why I just did not buy it right there and then.

Among other interesting things that happened was seeing again the friends I made in the cosplay community of Manila, Like Monique and Hye (hello girls!) and also Kia with whom I got to share the stage with as the X-Men, and of course the X-Men team PLUS met again some people from the dollfie community (Hi! Tin ^_^). But one of the people I happen to bump into in the ladies room of all places was Jan ! A Fil-American cosplayer and deviant I've been following and who was in the Philippines at the time. I didn't see her in her amazing Bayonetta cosplay but I was glad to have met her in person. Talk about lucky!

The HIGHLIGHT of my ToyCon 2010 experience? Meeting the Tuxedo Team! Although this was the second time for me to see Jin & Kat, It was my first time to see them in cosplay and with Miguel as THE TEAM! I was super excited. We managed to bump into them twice during the day. The second instance was more relaxed and I even got to remind Jin of our first meeting (I should blog about it!) at Etude House, which she promptly remembered and told Kat about it and she too remembered. I was calm about it at first but the moment I turned my back to leave I was dumbstruck and close to tears!!! They're truly amazing and will always be number one cosplayers for me.

'til next time ^_^

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