Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thank You Dance Manila

In October, one of the website/blog I have been regularly contributing to has finally announced its end. bids adieu to the community and its readers. Though as they said to their avid followers, it was never about just a website / blog, but about the community that came together and connected through Dance Manila. With the booming dance community in all parts of the country, their purpose has been achieved.

Their post on their FB page:
Long time everyone! As the saying goes "All good thing (must) come to an end." Dance Manila is officially shutting down....
Posted by Dance Manila on Monday, 26 October 2015

Thank you for the opportunity. Writing for Dance Manila helped me reconnect with one of my passion. Helped me come to terms with my doubts and made me meet new friends. Dance has been and will always be a key part in my being.

To all the local dance community, dance crews and friends thanks for entrusting me with the power of giving you a voice. Hope you'd all still have me at your events though, as I'm sorely missing the scene and everyone so much.

This won't mean the end for my writing for the dance community, nope. Though my readership was never as big and as specific as Dance Manila, I will continue to write about dance and the community here in my humble mumble jumble blog. We just found a new home.

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