Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Adopt-a-Rafi - Zee's coinage :)

Last year I was a Zialcita :)
Same time last year, I was alone during most of the holiday break when Zee had to go to Zamboanga and I refused to return there for some reason better left unsaid :) She left if I remember right, on the 27th? or was it 26th and she'd be back by the 5th or so of January. So that meant a new year's eve by my lonesome, when almost every country around the world would most certainly be celebrating. Now I don't remember if I invited myself or Ana did hehehe... but I welcomed 2007 with the Zialcita family. Helped them prepare the food too, and I'm useless around the kitchen!

This year I'm a Pesons :)
When Zee left for Manila this time. I've spent most of my days with Mon and his family. Attended the family Christmas party on the 29th (invited ko ha!), where I was amused with all the preparation that goes into this annual gathering they have. Have you guys heard of Amazing Philippines? I'll be posting the videos soon!! that was fun...

dec. 23 - between commuting from Kukuk's to Mandaue and back to Kukuk's, we taught (watched Mon do most of the work in my case) a dance to his sisters and aunt for their presentation at the family party.

dec. 24 - We just had a "christmas coffee" on the eve of christmas. And I still went home to see that the very pregnant cat doesn't give birth suddenly from her fright of firecrackers. Supposedly we were to hang out again after midnight at Mon's place. This I didn't know. Not until their text messages came flooding in at 3 in the morning.

dec. 25 - So now the boys are looking to have some fun (kay bored na ang mga people). We went out, caught up (after forever waiting for Mon) with the boys: Nyox, romz and Zen in SM... to make the long indecisive turns short we ended up going for videoke @ Mango's. I, DON'T SING! I gladly let them have the floor... though I must admit, I enjoyed and cringed at the sight and sound of them hahahha..

dec. 26 - despite the holidays we had been "working" at "the office". So coffee and Mcdo has been our staple diet. And I got my Xmas gift! yay!
Drank coffee 'til we both got our planners, YES!. Confused? yes I know this isn't the coffee shop where you accumulate stickers for a planner. This is our "office". But we love our Toffee Nuts every other day :)
work was also teaching the dance in the evening...

dec. 27 - squeezed in a time spent at the beach too! Went to Liloan to skim-board (watched Mon do his thing in my case). The sound and smell of sea was enough for a relaxing afternoon for me.

dec. 28 - a DVD marathon that never pushed thru. Malls getting real crowded with last minute shoppers. I had planned on sleeping in today, since I lacked some Zzzzzz from staying out late last night. But had some errands to do. The promise of a Toffee Nut guarantees a Mon companion... after which we just window shopped, and cried over stuffs that the wallet will never permit us to have even for Christmas. I met up with best-friend Andre at Loft where we danced the night away... and I'm really needing a goodnight rest.

dec. 29 - you can count on Mon to be last minute, preparing his fire poi an hour before the party. still the firedance was a show stopper.

dec. 30 - was supposed to do some work, but there is such a thing as procrastination. and we stayed home... we stayed home? yeah I believe so we did.

dec. 31 - and to usher the new year in? we had a "New Year's eve coffee" !!! .. weee...

So how was your Christmas break?

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