Saturday, December 22, 2012

Project Element Dance Showcase

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Sometimes it's all about sharing the gift.

Not too long ago, on November 30 and December 1 of this year to be exact, the merger dance crew known as Project Element held their second dance workshop dubbed iPEed 2, here in Cebu. They had an impressive number of 200 attendees -50 students more than their debut workshop in August (iPEed 1).

iPEed 2 - Dance Workshop
Photo by Jayrard Bisnar; grabbed from Project Element Facebook
If the overwhelming number of students isn't enough testament to the success of the workshop I don't know what is. In 2 days the choreography-based dance workshop gave students a variety of dance styles to learn and work on their moves. With about 6 choreography from the collaborative works of 11 teachers, one can say the students had more than enough of their money's worth to take home. Now all's left is an avenue to showcase these newly learned routines. As it were, most of the students' feedback (even from the first iPEed) was the expressed wish of being able to show off the skills they got to a wider audience.

Lucky enough for the crew, an opportunity presented itself. Last weekend, Elizabeth Mall (E-Mall) celebrated it's anniversary and had given the task of entertainment to Project Element. Given this break, there could not have been a better time to hold the dance showcase iPEed students were waiting for.

So on December 14, 2012 I had the chance to witness what was designated the "recital" or culminating activity for iPEed 2, the Project Element Dance Showcase -entertainment street-style. Literally street-style as the event was held at the heart of Cebu downtown, by the sidewalk just outside E-Mall's side entrance. One thing's for sure, they may have been amateurs but none could have made the event any bigger and louder than the students themselves along with their teachers. Entertaining friends, supporters and passer-by's alike with the same fervor as they danced their hearts out together like one big family -united by the same burning flame.

So what about iPEed 3? I hear they will be back for a 3rd wave. Keep it here.
Project Element: (L-R) Bernard Secuya, Shiena Dumpa, Marl Bani, Kenn Mijares, Keycee Velez, Herzl Abao, Pamela De Vera (not in Photo, Jigo Garcia, Ivy Alegarme, Christian Moscoso, PJ Reboton, Camille Martir, Zyruss Guantero, AJ Leyson, JR Atup, Chester Mabanag, Kristian Olmos)
Choreographers / Routines:
  • Herzl Abao - "Twenties, Fifties, Hundreds"
  • Bernard Secuya & Chester Mabanag - "Talk That Talk"
  • AJ Leyson & Marl Bani - "Pop It"
  • Zyruss Guantero & Pamela De Vera - "Let Me"
  • Kenn Mijares & JR Atup - "Cry Just a Little"
  • PJ Reboton & Keycee Velez - "Best Thing I Never Had"
Special Guest Performers : Them Sent (C.A.M.) - Champion Crew of ABS-CBN Cebu's Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka Dance Showdown 2012.
----- 2012 Rafi

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