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Davao City - On February 23, 2013, Groove Unlimited Dance Community (GUDC) in partnership with Hybrid and Killer Bee co-organised HYBREED 2013.

What GUDC says about the HYBREED:
Through the years, GUDC has been working on to learn, improve and explore the field of dance.. helping each other grow and find their own comfortable and preferred style.. a gesture of fertility brought about by the love shared between each one resulting to the constant breeding of styles..  
HYBREED is an event dedicated to the GUDC choreographers who have been so instrumental in the movement of the dance community. It is a night to showcase these amazing people through their specially prepared pieces. 
- Quote lifted off GUDC's FB Page.

The Line-up of Performing Choreographers
1. Shen, Zai, Eyah, Jesamie, Keeshia
2. Karissa, Ellaine, Ayana, Sarah, Micole, Jericah
3. Ryan, Mike, Sheldone
4. Pamskie, Pax, Aris
5. Aike, , Lloyd, Kennard
6. Dilam, Jack, Ian
7. Jhoey Z, Kenneth D, Noe
8. Pen2, Brian B., Nike
9. Kevin, Aldrine, Kenneth A
10. Taka, Bryan G, Marla

The above choreographers representing GUDC come from different crews and sub groups, namely:
1. Allianz
2. Alternative Groove
3. Bandila Fusion
4. D12 (Dirty Dozen)
5. Distinct Feature
7. Faces of Groove
8. Groove Unlimited
9. JAZ Up Danz Crew
10. Lord's Artwerkz
11. Smooth Killaz
12. Swagg Fam
13. Jewels
14. Xplosion
15. Girl Friends
16. Fresh
17. Fresh Lips
18. Comeback
19. Lipstick
20. Offlimitz
"The movement relies on those who infect passion and leadership." - GUDC
GUDC dedicates this event to the future choreographers and leaders of the dance community. Considering they plan on making this an annual event, gear up dancers and choreographers, see you all next year.

FB Page:
Official GUDC FB Group for updates about their events and activities:

Photo Credits : Gianne Carlo Chua ( lifted off of GUDC FB Page )
Thanks to Bryan Grandeza for all the information :)

2013 - Rafi

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